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My Story


Hello! I'm Lisette King and I'm 100% English born and bred in the East Anglian county of Suffolk. Here I am after much travelling and working abroad, home again!


From a very young age, 2 years old in fact, I took my first trip overseas. Not alone of course but with very adventurous parents. The trip was to visit friends in America and after several days they left me in the care of my Godmother so they could set off on a Route 66 road trip! 

You could say I was rather out of my comfort zone, but this 'shock treatment' must have set me up for my solo travel experiences in later life!


After various other holidays abroad, I  then developed what can only be described as 'wanderlust'. A need to see the world in all its settings. To explore and experience different cultures, foods, personalities and places, undertaking adventure tours and voluntary teaching placements from Madagascar to Vietnam. 

Combined with my unconditional love of travel is my passion for the English language. English was without doubt my favourite subject at school. My English teacher was the most intriguing man I had ever met in 1982. Imagine a Sherlock Holmes type of character in your classroom, introducing you to the likes of Charles Dickens, J. R. R Tolkein and Oscar Wilde, not to mention captivating listening scripts and English language excerpts with the most obscure words and phrases. My curious nature was on fire!

After attending 3 different public schools, not because of bad behaviour, but purely for progression, I decided to 'take a breather' from studying and get a job.

I became a graphic designer for almost 12 years and during this time laboured on my part time degree in Psychology and Sociology combined with English Literature and Media Studies. It took 5 years to complete but my determination paid off.

A few years later I embarked on a completely different path of property renovation, including renovating a little cottage in the middle of nowhere in France. 

I returned home at the end of 2006 and then spent 6 years working for the British Red Cross where I developed my organisational and first aid skills. I was also introduced to the classroom environment, workshops and teaching. During my Red Cross years I seized a couple of voluntary teaching placements in Tanzania and Madagascar in conjunction with completing my TEFL training.

I took a leap of faith in 2013 accepting a teaching internship in Vietnam (notice the love of travel and being abroad has appeared again) followed by residential teaching in UK and Italian Summer Schools and completion of my CELTA qualification in 2016.

2 years of challenges and bliss have followed by living the dream and teaching English on the beautifully wild island of Sardinia.

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and all of my experiences have led to embarking on this, my solo teaching path...

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